32 years of R & D experience in Chinese and British research institutions and industry.

19 years in the field of medical devices, including 11 years in Elekta.

14 years of experience in R & D management of medical devices in the UK.

As project manager, project office director, R & D Manager/director. Responsible for more than 30 projects of product development or improvement.

As a member of the company's senior management team for many times, participate in the company's development strategy planning, product roadmap design, project development, control management, and facility completion.

In Elekta, he is responsible for the design and development of high-power microwave system, and is the main designer of the microwave system of Elekta's nuclear magnetic accelerator.

project manager certified by the UK / European Project Management Association, Ph.D. in Applied Physics, Aston University, UK, and B.S. in accelerator physics, Tsinghua University.